Why membership?

Membership unites. We believe that there is immeasurable power when individuals unite around a common mission. And one of the best ways to do this is through the biblical examples of membership with the church. Membership is alignment. Alignment on mission and purpose. Membership is intentional and reciprocal, like a covenant – I've got your back and you've got mine. We are All In. 

Members keep each other accountable in loving relationships of mutual submission. Served by leadership, small groups, and other forms of community, we take care of one another and help each other to live the way of Jesus. [For information on joining a group or on serving at The Grove, email]

A Member is also eligible to engage in determining the business of the church: in particular, by receiving regular updates from and by participating in dialogue with the Ministry Leadership Team, by serving as part of small groups responsible to carry out our mission and vision, by taking part [when applicable] in the Elder nomination process, by voting on the recommended Elder Team and other matters at the Annual Meeting, and by affirming the proposed budget as well as other privileges like receiving formal biblical counseling, and obtaining financial assistance should the need arise.

What are the responsibilities of church membership?

Being a member of The Grove has its benefits but we also ask something of you in return: live the example of Christ in the community, find at least one place to serve passionately and faithfully, give financially to the work of The Grove, receive and give admonishments with meekness, and faithfully participate in corporate worship and small groups.

Next Steps

If you are a current member, you can click here to complete your renewal. If you'd like to further consider becoming a member, download the All In Membership Packet and return it to us. You can even schedule a time to talk with one of our pastors about any questions or concerns you may have.