What's So Great About Small Groups? - Part IV

We all do it.


The New Oxford American Dictionary defines excuse as "a reason put forward to conceal the real reason for an action; a pretext."

It's a way to politely divert the attention away from what we don't want to reveal. And when it relates to small groups, the first excuse we normally make has something to do with time. I know, I know... you're probably saying something like, "But that's not a pretext. Everybody's busy. Time is so precious." Right. But it's still not the real issue. And in fact, you're kinda helping make my point.

Are the people who are already attending a small group less busy? Do they not have a schedule to keep and other life demands to manage? Not at all. So why do they come? Why have they arranged their calendars to allow them to participate in group life?

Maybe you know, maybe you don't. We put such a premium on group life at The Grove that we have strategically and purposefully positioned the bulk of all our resources around Small Groups in one way or another. We believe deeply in the power and potential of group life.

While it's true that we are busy people, it is also true that God has provided enough time in every day to do what He is calling us to do. So what are we allowing to consume the time we've been given? Scripture tells us that our heart can be found alongside whatever we treasure. It seems that the issue may not be as much about time as it is about heart.

Here's an excerpt from the Small Groups page of our website:

Small groups are the heart of our ministry here at The Grove. We believe that life change happens best in the context of relationships. It's how God wired us. And we believe that small groups are the best place for sustained life change to occur. In a small group, people study God's Word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life. It's also where they pray, care for one another, and are missed if they don't show up.

Practically speaking, there will never be a way for the staff and elders to personally minister to everyone who attends our church. That's why we place such a high premium on group life. It's how we minister effectively to each other at The Grove.

This is a challenge for some, I know. And maybe I'm getting into your business. But it's worth it. Not one of us was designed to live reclusively. Whatever your excuse, what is the real issue?

"When you give others the chance to care for you, you feel God differently. If you avoid letting others in, you're left alone."

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