Gift Giving - Advent Style

Hello out there. 

We missed you this weekend.

Jeff didn’t get to share his message. We had some fantastic Advent songs to sing with you that’ll have to wait. And you missed the coffee and the brownies. I know… sad day. But I hope you had some fun in the snow. 

We did. 

And then we went inside, because it’s flipping cold out there. Thank God for central heat, blankets, cocoa and Christmas trees. Something about all that just makes me feel warm. Anyway...

As most of you know we recently wrapped up a financial series where we discovered among other things, that when Jesus was talking about money he actually wasn’t talking about money at all, but rather our heart. Because he knew that if he has our hearts then our money will go where it needs to go. Instead of habitually spending it on frivolous items or becoming over-committed because of our greed, our hearts will be more free to respond to the needs around us.

This time of year we put a lot of attention on giving to those in need and at The Grove we are keenly aware of how hard many of our families have been hit. No time does it seem more glaring than in the Holidays. Parents wanting to provide gifts for their children but there’s barely enough money for food and to keep the heat on. And for many, even those basic things aren’t a guarantee.

Of all the things we’re called to as a church, one of the most paramount is to care for widows, orphans and those without an advocate. And the way we do this as a church is to do this together as the Church. Common unity. Common mission. Common actions.

And this time of year is no time to miss the opportunities in front of us. If you’ve been following the Grove for a little while, you probably know we have some specific missions to which we contribute and when we miss gathering together, it can make it difficult to meet the needs we need to fulfill. So with the weather keeping us away this past Sunday, the Bryson City Christmas Play this coming weekend and being gone for the Christmas weekend break we are asking you to be sure your financial contributions aren’t forgotten in the hustle of the holidays.

If you would like to make a contribution, we have established a few different avenues to make this possible. You can mail it to us or drop it off at our main office at 1127 Franklin Grove Church Rd, Bryson City NC, 28713. You can call our office at 828.488.6164 and schedule for someone to pick it up if it is more convenient for you. Or you may send it online through our website at

As we say each week, giving is another expression of our worship, adoration, devotion and enthusiasm toward God for the very things we celebrate this Advent season; for the presence of God with us in the world – Emmanuel. 

Giving is a way we bring Emmanuel to those in need. 

Thank God for his immeasurable Gift.

Happy Advent.


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