Community Means All of Us

We all recognize that one person doesn’t make a community, right? Really, it’s more than two or three people. You wouldn’t look at even a dozen people gathered together and call them a community probably. But 200 people, yes. And what about when these 200 people come together inside a bigger community? 

What implications does this have for the 200? What for the larger community? And what does this do for you?

It seems ridiculous to say this, but you can’t do community alone. It takes all of us.

All of us. Not just some. 

But too often we neglect to come together as a community, don’t we? However, to be present as a community within the community means that we all need to be present and engaging. And while we all want to have fun at these big events, please remember the reason behind why we host events like Sand & Sauce and RiverRock. You are not just a random bystander. 

You are the voice of the Grove. You are the Promoter. 

At the Grove, we value community, especially when we get the opportunity to be present in the community, engaging our friends and neighbors right here where we all live, outside of the four walls of this weekly gathering space. 

RiverRock gives us the chance for just that. Invite your neighbors. Your friends. Co-workers. The people in the places you patronize.

What do you love most about the Grove? That’s our best feature!

Let your voice be heard.

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