Song Story: Made A Way

There's a new song we'll debut this Easter Sunday.

It kinda came as a challenge from one our resident artists.

He called me up and invited me to his house because he had a song idea he wanted to share. Most of the time when this happens, there's already some lyrics or a poem or a journal or something with words that can be shaped and rewritten to fit the meter and emotion of a song.

This time was not like those times.

I walked in to his studio full of some fascinatingly unique art – all made completely with dirt and minerals. Not a single image painted with oils or acrylics or any other traditional medium. All dirt and stone that had been crushed into powder. Different colors mixed with water and little glue.

And then he turned a painting around. It had a cross on it, but not your standard two-lines-intersecting kind of cross. This cross was open in the middle. As if someone had carved a path from top to bottom. He turned it around and said, "I want you to write a song about this."

"How do I do that," I thought to myself. There are no words written here. This is an icon. And the most familiar one at that. This is abstract and I am mostly linear. It's out of the ordinary, the colors pulled from heaps of discarded stones, dirt and charred wood remains, framed in redeemed wood scraps from all over the Southeastern US.

But I could feel in my own natural, earthy flesh there was something of inspiration here. Something that was parallel to my humanity. The dust. The being cast aside and finding new purpose. My ashes becoming someones healing. So this is what we wrote about. The cross – namely, what happened on the cross. The ancient symbol. And the implications it has to me in my post-modern world. 

My favorite line is in the second verse, "You saved the day. Pulled me up from the grave. Jesus, you made a way for me." When I had given up on myself and it seemed everyone else had as well, Jesus looked down into the ashes of my life and gave new life, new direction to my broken, discarded soul.

The song opens with "The way is open for all the broken." Sin has lost and a new day is bursting forth.

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