Song Story: Light of the World

It was the Spring of 2005. Sitting on the floor of my empty living room, I picked up my guitar and began to strum out a melody. This song came unlike any I’ve ever written. Within an hour the song was complete. 

I was in the midst of the darkest time in my life. My wife had left and taken pretty much everything. I was very angry with God. I felt like He’d tricked me into thinking that life was just and then punished me for trying to do what’s right. It was a horrible time. I was a pastor and didn’t feel like I knew anything about the character of God anymore. 

I took to the Psalms pretty regularly, attempting to find some guidance from those who found themselves in dark places and yet trusted in God’s faithfulness. And out of this process came this song. 

He has guided our steps.
Through every trial
His Word has carried us home
We will sing of His worth
Of the Radiant One 
Who burns with love for the world.

A few months later, I had the honor of attending a worship songwriters conference where I’d been selected as a finalist in a songwriting competition with this song. It was quite an honor to be mentored that week by Don Moen and Reuben Morgan. They listened to and critiqued the song and gave some very valuable feedback and offered suggestions for a minor rewrite. The song finished fifth and was offered inclusion in a publication called Song Discovery. 

For me, this song has become a testament to the redemption of Christ for all of us through the darkest night of the soul, as well as an invitation to all creation to offer praise and thankfulness for the advent of Light into the world; the Illumination even in the darkest grave.

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