Grove Worship: Liner Notes

Grove Worship has recorded a four-song EP of original tunes written for the church. I know that seems like an unnecessary statement but sometimes people write songs that aren’t very accessible for a worshipping church. We wanted to express our heart as people of the Grove and as redeemed followers of Christ in a way that we could easily invite the rest of the church into.

There are a wealth of worship blogs out there and this is not intended to become one of them. But what I thought I’d like to share is maybe the Storytellers version of the songs included on the “Light of the World” - EP. Our band has put a lot of energy and passion into these songs and is working hard to write and create more for our next few projects and we can’t wait to share them with you and have you share them with the people in your circles.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a little bit about the songs, the inspiration behind them, the circumstances that surrounded their creation and the writing and recording process. We’ll start with the opening track of the EP and move through them. 

Let me prologue with the “liner notes” for this entry. 

Back in the summer I was involved with a small group here at The Grove. One week, a challenge was issued to write a list of “what ifs.” And for me, my big “what if” was, “What if I started writing again.” This was a big question. I felt very dry as a writer. I hadn’t felt creative in a very long time. At least not in a way that mattered. I felt like my attempts to write were flat and unappealing. 

So I didn’t. 

I stopped writing. 

Other people were writing good stuff so why did I need to add my mess into the mix of all that was so good? But I couldn’t deny that I wanted to write. 

So I tried, 

and it sucked. 

A lot. 

A few weeks went by in our small group and a follow-up challenge came along. “Go public. Bring someone into your story.” This meant that I had to actually do something about my “what if” which would be so contrary to my M.O. but against my own nature, I did it anyway. And in my den a few of us began to dream and share songs and ideas for a possible worship album. 

That is how this EP was born. Thanks are due to Mark Millsaps, Erik Perkins and Matt Heisler for their hours contributed to get this project off the ground. We set up camp in the sound booth of the sanctuary at the church in the early mornings before the heat had a chance to kick on and together we wrestled with how to piece together some equipment to get started recording these songs. Eventually, we moved shop into the Counseling Office (thanks Babe). 

Much nicer vibe. And warmer. And simpler. 

We realized we didn’t need a whole lot to capture the music. We just needed to play it and make sure the Record button had been pushed. Now, that doesn’t mean it didn’t take us a few times to get it right, but we found a way to simplify the process. And for these songs, that’s exactly what was needed. 


You won’t hear a lot of fluff. Not that fluff is all bad. I like it. Electronics and synthesizers and drum loops and beeps and ticks. That stuff is really cool and would probably work for these songs but we felt the best interpretation was the one that could be easily replicated on a Sunday morning with a congregation of worshippers. 

We hope you enjoy these songs. They were written for you and me; for us. For those in pursuit of Christ. To help us express our gratitude and the joy of knowing what it is to be loved by our God. And there’s more new music coming in the next few months. We’re writing in preparation for a full-length release sometime late Spring 2011. Your support with this EP will help us finance the full-length and for that we thank you. 

If you haven’t already, please go here to download the songs. Sing them. Share them. Journal them along with me over the next few weeks. And then, leave some feedback here or on Facebook if the songs mean something to you.


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