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Wednesday July 24, 2013 by Jeff Helpman

Grove Band @ Nantahala Brewery

Don't miss out on seeing the Grove Band play live at the Brewery this Saturday. ...Continue Reading

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Friday April 22, 2011

Song Story: Made A Way

He called me up and invited me to his house because he had a song idea he wanted to share. Most of the time when this happens, there's already some lyrics or a poem or a journal or something with words that can be shaped and rewritten to fit the meter and emotion of a song....Continue Reading

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Sunday March 27, 2011

Song Story: He Has Come

This is another thing I love about worship. God is present everywhere. But when we worship, we open ourselves up to the awareness of His presence and we are drawn into Him. ...Continue Reading

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Monday January 3, 2011

Song Story: Light of the World

It was the Spring of 2005. Sitting on the floor of my empty living room, I picked up my guitar and began to strum out a melody. This song came unlike any I’ve ever written. Within an hour the song was complete....Continue Reading

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Sunday December 19, 2010

Song Story: Alleluia

If you spend any time reading the Psalms you get a sense of the ups and downs of a real human who wants nothing more than to be connected with his Creator and know that his God was connected to him. To know that his humanness wasn’t overlooked. That his pain didn’t go unnoticed....Continue Reading

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Tuesday December 14, 2010

Grove Worship: Liner Notes

We realized we didn’t need a whole lot to capture the music. We just needed to play it and make sure the Record button had been pushed. Now, that doesn’t mean it didn’t take us a few times to get it right, but we found a way to simplify the process. And for these songs, that’s exactly what was needed. ...Continue Reading

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